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Partner Training

Partner training is the best way to get personalized attention from a trainer while working out with someone who has similar goals! The 2-on-1 dynamic is a great way to spend quality time together while getting a personalized workout for you and your partner’s fitness level. Keep each other accountable, track your progress, and get competitive to stay motivated! Split the costs, not the results! Share the experience of getting in shape with your BFF, significant other, or favorite co-worker with Halo Academy.

$180   |   60 minutes

No Commitment Packages:

Bronze: 5 Private Partner Training Sessions | $900.00

Silver: 10 Private Partner Training Sessions | $1,700.00

Gold: 15 Private Partner Training Sessions | $2,400.00


Please Note:

One-time packages are sessions purchased in bulk and can be scheduled whenever. The sessions expire 365 days after the purchase of the package. Packages can be repurchased an unlimited amount of times.